Location: St. Kitts

Today we had our first overnight watch where we were organized into watch teams that would make sure the rest of the crew could sleep safely while not on watch. The teams would have hourly boat checks to make sure everything was running smoothly, including checking bilges, logging position, and checking gauges. Other than some rain in the morning, we had a great smooth passage to St. Kitts. The sea was flat as a pancake, with a light breeze on our faces to keep us cool. We made great time, passing island after island on our watches. It was originally planned to be a 26-hour long passage, but we got it done in just 18 hours.

After arriving off the shore of St. Kitts, we dropped anchor and had lunch, which was stuffed bell peppers, and afterward, a quick clean-up. We got ready for a BA, boat appreciation, where after a long passage, we take an afternoon to clean the entire boat thoroughly so that everything looked great again. Once that was done, everyone had some time to do some studying or, as was many students chose, have a nice nap before shower time and dinner. After dinner, we had a leadership class with Jon going over the first chapter of the leadership book that everyone was supposed to read.

Pictured: Some of the crew hanging around on watch and the island of St. Kitts.