Location: Underway to St. Kitts

This morning the crew enjoyed a nice pancake breakfast before pulling anchor and heading over to the fuel dock. We filled up on diesel in preparation for our first overnight voyage to St. Kitts. We also stocked up on some fresh groceries and learned how to check the engine room as well as plot our navigational position on the charts. After we were done fueling, I took us away from the dock, and we headed around Necker Island to see the historically infamous “Baths,” which were used as the last port of call for the slave trade. The boulders were colossal, and the water was perfectly clear and blue. We explored different tunnels and caverns in between the giant rocks and spent some time on the white sandy beach. It was bittersweet when it was time to leave, as we all loved the Baths so much. However, we were also excited to finally get underway! After a quick shower time (Ocean Star Style), we pulled the anchor up and stripped the sail covers. Captain Carolyn wasn’t lying; we actually do have sails…

In small teams, we sweated halyards and hoisted the sails for the first time in our Seamester voyage. Ridge manned the helm as we headed away from Virgin Gorda, and Chefs Eli and Matthew made a fantastic dinner for everybody. We had real, fresh chicken (not the salty kind from the can) with peanut sauce and some nutritious veggies on the side. After cleanup and our nightly ritual of “squeeze,” we were assigned our watch teams, which will keep us safe on our 26-hour voyage to St. Kitts. The crew is in good spirits and feeling more and more like one big family every day that goes by.

Pictured: Kaiden preparing to backflip off a boulder at the baths; A couple of dudes just taking in the view; Steffen at the helm; Everyone gathered for a meal; Brit is enjoying the swirling waters at the baths; Eli jumping at the Baths.

Current position: