Location: Pan du Suc, Les Saintes

Today a few of us woke up at 4:30 am to hike one of the higher points of the island in Les Saintes, to watch the sunrise. On their way back to the boat, they stopped by one of the local bakeries and picked up some fresh French baguettes, chocolate croissants and pan du suc (sugar bread) for breakfast. It was scrumptious. After breakfast and clean up, we headed to Cafe du la Marine for class and coffee. We went over the method of how to do a scientific reef check survey and practiced identifying fish and invertebrate species. Then we were free to roam the island! We got some tasty smoothies from our favorite smoothie spot then we headed to the beach. It was a jolly ole time. We came back to the boat at 1:30 and sailed over to the bay known as Pan du Suc, where we dropped anchor for our snorkel and dive site location. We did a reef check practice with our snorkel gear, where we identified and counted fish and invertebrates along a transect. Then for dinner, Kaitlin made some delicious lasagna. We are all now getting ready to do our first-night dive and are excited to see the marine world in a whole new (lack of) light!