Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

The best way to get people up and moving in the morning is to tell them that breakfast is ready; our chefs did an amazing job in record time, which gave us an early but easy start in the morning. After a marine biology class with a fish ID quiz and a lecture on estuaries, the students got ready to go to shore for their next class. A race over hot lava or hot soup, any way you wanted to picture it, as well as a 3-way game of tug-of-war, were the activities that two groups were competing to work on their leadership and teamwork skills.
Some students chose to stay ashore and enjoy cuisine Francaise for their lunch, while others headed back to the boat. The afternoon was used to study, spend some time ashore or go on an optional fun dive to a passenger ferry that was sunk in the bay. Many of the species just studied for the ID quiz showed up at the dive site and were easily identified by the group of divers.
After another round of burritos for dinner, a scheduling meeting for the upcoming week was called in, where students make decisions on activities for the next few days. After this, everyone got excited about the sailing class and started their navigation course, a great ending for a great day!