Location: Palau

Hello!! It’s Margaret back on the blog today. Today was a pretty relaxed day but also a sad day. Filmore, Romeo’s Mohawk, took his last breath today. I had the pleasure of getting to wake up everyone today, and boy, do these people not like being woken up. I played “Could you be Loved” by Bob Marley, and everyone looked at me like they wanted to punch me in the face. But, once everyone was up and out of bed, they were in great moods and excited for our last day of diving here in Palau.
We had a great breakfast today with Perry as head chef. He made eggs, hash browns, and fruit. Then, the first group went out for their dive and also made a pit stop at a cave to do some cliff jumping after the dive. Watching everyone come back from diving is always so awesome because everyone has such big smiles on their faces. While people were diving, the others did some Nav master homework and some fish ID homework as well. We all also went for a nice swim around the boat. Perry Kirstyn and I also did a little workout circuit before lunch since the weather was nice, and after being all sweaty got to jump into the nice refreshing water.
Then, we had sandwiches for lunch (I hate sandwiches; I think Perry made them on purpose to prank me), and then I was off to dive! We dived at a site called the sand bar, and it was super cool. We saw rays, sharks, turtles, and so many fish. There was also a little spot with a bunch of cleaner wrasse, and you could take out your octo, open your mouth, and they would come to bite the dead skin off your lips and also your fingers. After the amazing dive, we did a little boat tour through Rock Island. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Then we stopped at this little arch and snorkeled around and through it because there were a lot of soft corals and cool fish. I had a little crab that was on my arm and would not get off. It was hanging out with me for a while; then it was time to go, so I nicely got him off my arm, looked down to see it in the water, and watched a Sargent major fish eat him. It was so sad. I accidentally murdered a little crab. But anyways, we came back, and dinner was already waiting for us. It was chicken Alfredo pasta.
After dinner, we have our Emergency First Responder exam and then have to get the boat ready for getting on the dock to fuel tomorrow and ready for our next passage to Raja Ampat! Palau has been so amazing, but I cannot wait for the places ahead.
The weather today was on and off rain, but we got to send our laundry to a service on land which everyone was soooo excited about since all our clothes and towels smelled so bad from not being able to dry the last six days because of all the rain we have been having.
Miss you, Mom, Dad, Eva, Joseph, Mimi, and Jack! Hope you all aren’t going too crazy without me <3