Location: Malolo, Fiji

Today began by me waking up the crew to the song “Angela” by The Lumineers (I highly recommend listening.) Lolo served up some crepes for breakfast with our regular selection of toppings: lemon juice, sugar, butter, maple FLAVORED syrup (very much not maple syrup), a variety of jams, and jellies, and peanut butter. Breakfast cleanup began, and as skipper, I dont have a specific cleanup job, so I went to the galley to join Chloe for a classic Mia and Chloe dance party. Our song choice for the day was Get Money by Notorious B.I.G. and Junior M.A.F.I.A.

After cleanup, we had Oceanography with Steph and got one lecture closer to our next quiz. Hopefully, we will continue our streak of good grades. Next, we had to make up some Emergency First Responder scenarios for the groups that didnt pass the first time around. My group that included Chloe, Kylie, Pierce, and Aidan, went first and passed! Some remarkable acting was done by Tim, Ian, and Caroline. As the note taker, I was overhearing Caroline profusely fake puking, Tim fake dying, and Ian fake having a panic attack. His acting was so over the top that Lolo, our scorer, had to check to see if he was actually okay. The second group had a similar scenario and passed as well. I volunteered to be an actor and did a full broadway performance of having a heart attack, becoming unconscious and non-breathing, coming to and having a panic attack, refusing all help from the EFRs, and having a full-blown existential crisis all in the span of 5 minutes. Definitely the highlight of my day, and it felt great to brush up on my acting skills.

More acting ensued in the afternoon with the rescue diver course. I think we can all say we are taking drama as an additional course on Argo. To add to the enthusiasm of the day, we all presented our TED Talks for Leadership class about any topic we chose. Everybody was so passionate about their topics, and it was very interesting to hear about so many different things I had never known about. Some of my favorites were Es PowerPoint of the legacy of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa, Chloes presentation on consciousness and patients with Hemispacial neglect, and Maxs persuasive performance on why Disney is the superior film production company. Still, Ian takes the cake on today’s presentations. To be honest, I have no idea what he was talking about because we were all so distracted by his babyness. The main takeaway was that PAN-UNIVERSAL BABYISM is the core of our entire society – and possibly the universe. Ian transformed into a baby- diaper-and-all, and ended his talk by making everybody stand up and repeat the words “I AM A BIG BABY!”

For all those still reading, you might have the chance to change the course of history. As you may have read in Chloe’s last blog post, I am currently in a battle with my mother, trying to convince her to adopt a Golden Retriever (we are definitely making progress.) In an attempt to further convince my Mum, the squeeze question for today was, “What should I name my future Golden Retriever male and why?” All the name suggestions were documented during squeeze, as well as who gave the suggestion. A photo of all the names is in the photos attached. Everybody at home, send in your favorite names from the list, and I will name my dog one of the top contenders. (Subject to change.)

I miss all of you at home so much (Mum, Dad, Max if you even read these, Ma and Pa, Mormor, and any of my friends hiiiiiiii I love you guys so much.) I have all your pictures and letters hung up on my bunk walls, and I cant wait to see you all. P.S. I’m having the time of my life, do not worry. Expectations = exceeded.

Mia and Ian acting skills workshop
Aidan getting some homework done in the salon
My bunk with all my photos from home!
Ky after rescue class and jump in showers
Lolo cleaning the galley after making us some delicious meals
Annie focused on writing her leadership paper
Cole giving his TED talk
Chloe preparing to give her TED talk
DMTs and Gabe after a day in the water
Me writing this blog
The list of possible dog names for my good boy!