Location: St. Barth's

Today was a great day. Around 2:45 in the morning, watch Team 2 (my team!) with the help of the other two watch teams safely brought Ocean Star into St. Barths! There we brought down our sails, gave Ocean Star a good scrub down, and docked our “sexy” 88-foot schooner for all the French to see! After having the opportunity to sleep until 7 am, we were woken up to the curiosity of the French. Many of us headed over to the local creperie and enjoyed a hearty meal. After an amazing lunch, we all visited some of the local boutiques and even bought a couple of things (don’t worry, friends and family- gifts were bought for y’all as well)! The divers doing their advanced certification put their fish ID skills to the test diving at Les Gros Ilets. After a day spent looking around town and enjoying the French-Island culture, we came together as a crew and finished our night at a local pub called “Le Select.” There we enjoyed some simple home foods like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, fries and for the only gluten-free vegetarian on this trip: une salade verte. With our friends and family in mind from home, we held our heads high and continued to expand our family to the St. Barth locals! We definitely miss and love our friends and family, but we are all excited and curious to see where the rest of this beautiful journey will take us!