Location: Antigua

To start off the morning, three of the crew, myself included, went for a nice run. The run served two purposes: to get our blood pumping for the day and to get in a few more of the sights that Antigua had to offer. Once we were back on the boat, I was told that I was supposed to wake everyone up since I was the skipper. Don’t worry though, I apologized and told the captain that I wouldn’t let it happen again since this would be the first and last time that it was my day to be skipper. Aside from not getting the crew up on time and having got them some extra sleep, I had to organize everyone. I gave everyone jobs up on deck and down below so we could get a move on towards St. Barth’s. Once we had all tackled our tasks, including reattaching the mainsail, we were ready to go. In record time, we hoisted up all four sails around 1 PM and cruised out of the harbor. Over the course of the next 14 hours, individual watch teams were given their designated times to take over the vessel. Luckily, my team got a few of the better time slots as opposed to the last passage where we were up from 3-6 AM manning the helm and doing boat checks. My favorite part of the day was manning the helm from 9:30-11 PM because I got to see what it was like to sail a 75-ton schooner downwind; however, this was definitely not an easy task. Overall, my day as a skipper was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A quick synopsis of my day would be that I came to the realization that this is how life should be during the summer: fun.