Location: Underway to Thailand


Today we woke up and finished preparing for passage. Our watch teams were scrambled, so we spent the morning learning new responsibilities that come with each watch team. Crikie and I remain watch team three strong with the lovely miss Amanda Cole as our leader. Our top priority is sail handling. So, taking down sails should there be a man overboard situation or other emergency situation. We also deploy life rafts.
After lunch, we pick up anchor and begin the long journey to Bangkok. All hands were on deck to raise sails and wave goodbye to land. The wind was whipping and was encountering some sea state that caused things stowed away to slide out and come crashing to the floor. We were not entirely prepared for this.
The crew settles into the watch team rotations, with all of us sleeping at odd times of the day in preparation for a late-night watch. This will be our longest passage by far, and we’ve been told to expect rough seas, high winds, and rain. This has everyone on their toes with a combination of excitement and dread.

Current position:

Tim briefing the group on the passage plan
The dark skies at our departure
The lights of Bali disappearing into the night