Location: St. Kitts


Last night we embarked on our 18-hour passage from the BVIs to St Kitt’s. After we prepared the boat for the passage, we separated into three watch teams, so that each one could spend three hours on watch and six hours off, to make sure we made it safely to our destination. During watch, two people were on bow watch, looking out for any new lights up ahead or any other obstacles that the skipper needed to be aware of. A person was on the helm, making sure we stayed on course. In addition, two people were completing boat checks every hour, in the chart house, the engine room, the galley, the salon area, and on deck. Each watch team had their personal experiences during this first passage, whether it was seeing bioluminescence appear in our wake as Oceanstar glided through the water, seeing dolphins race the bow of the boat in the dark of night, or watching the sunrise on the horizon. After the long passage, we finally set anchor in St. Kitts. After the boat had taken care of us bringing us here, we took care of her: We began our first BA (boat appreciation), a SeaMester tradition after every passage to give back to the boat what she gave to us a safe voyage. We finished tidying up Ocean Star and shared a delicious Mexican fajita dinner. Right now everyone is cleaning up while desperately trying to figure out if the rumors of a movie night are true