Location: 10 15.42'S 127 18.86'E

What a day. My morning started early, with our first full four-hour watch shift starting at 4 am! The peace and quiet of Argo slowly motoring along in the calm seas was an amazing feeling, and I found myself staring at a wide-open sea surrounded by what seemed like hundreds or thousands of stars. We learned to steer by looking at the stars rather than the compass, which was an amazing feeling. After a long night, we had a relaxing morning followed by an afternoon full of class time.

During class time, we learned our first bit of sailing terms. Many of us have our own sailing experience, but it was a great way to refresh everyone’s memory and learn some new skills. Next was our leadership course, where we learned how to become a leader in life and not just on the boat.

We all are settling in well to life here on Argo, and the days seem to fly by. Each day seems faster than the last as we grow closer and closer to each other, but many of us have one thing on our minds: land. Our next stop is in Kupang, Indonesia, where we will clear through customs and stay for a few days. As much as we enjoy being away from land and being on the boat, we keep thinking about what Indonesia has to offer. We have been motoring for over 24 hours and have covered 220 miles since departing the Tiwi Islands. Once the wind picks up, we will hoist sails, and our minds will settle, and we will focus on learning as much as we can about Argo.

Dinner flew by, and it was my favorite meal so far: Chicken wings! Everyone is hard at work, keeping Argo safe and clean with their bellies full, and another day has come and gone. We are growing closer together as a family each day, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings us.

Until next time!

– Nick =)