Location: 10 23.23'S 124 17.82'E

Today is the last day of our passage to INDONESIA! We saw mountains on the coast of Timor en route to Kupang, where we will be anchored and (hopefully) cleared through Customs. Apparently, Indonesian Customs are super strict, and we might have as many as 15 officials on our boat tomorrow, but that is all to be determined. As far as life aboard, we are all getting into the rhythm of watch team rotations, but we are all extremely eager to get to Indonesia and hopefully go swimming…which we haven’t done yet because there are crocodiles. Today was pretty routine, as we had the typical passage breakfast of cereal, lunch later in the day, the marine bio and oceanography class in the afternoon (yes, we actually have class), followed by a man overboard drill, then dinner. We were lucky enough to have some cake and brownies for dessert as they pertained to a class lesson from today. Jack, Claire, and Mara had a food-eating contest to see who could finish first; Maura won by a landslide. Continuing on the topic of food, we have run out of fruit on the boat for the “one piece of fruit a day” rule, which has Henry and me especially upset because we cannot have our night fruit, but that will all change once we stock back up soon as are scheduled to arrive in Indonesia sometime early tomorrow morning (Friday, Sept 22)!!!! It has been exactly one week since we all boarded Argo as strangers, and it’s safe to say we are getting to know each other a little bit better. Whether it is debating over dunks vs. Starbucks (obviously dunks wins) or opening up more about our lives outside of Argo, we are all becoming closer and closer as the days go on. I am excited to see where Seamester takes us as our relationships grow, but for now, I am eager to get to Indonesia and go for a swim!

P.S. – mom – I have been wearing sunscreen, so don’t worry, I am not burnt. Hopefully, I’ll be in touch soon!