Location: Kupang, Indonesia

Today in the wee hours of the morning, we dropped anchor in Kupang, Indonesia! We spent the morning doing Boat Appreciation – a deep clean of Argo to keep her looking sparkly and clean. Floors were scrubbed, fridges were cleaned, and LOTS of laundry was folded and put away. Indonesian customs officials came by to clear us into the country, so we also tidied up the boat for them. At lunch, we had three-bean soup with rice. Afterward, we split into groups based on dive skill levels and began watching some diving videos to prep for our first dives on the voyage in a few days! Tina and Steph spent the afternoon buying provisions in Kupang (pretty sure they bought out most of the grocery store), so when they got back, everyone helped to put away groceries in the galley. I’ve never seen so many bell peppers shoved into a fridge at once. After provisions were put away, we had a delicious dinner of Mexican food (thanks to Carolyn, Eric, and today’s chefs!). We have a free evening to start working on some assignments or possibly just get some sleep. Now that we’re anchored, we only run hour-long anchor watches through the night, so hopefully, we’ll all be able to catch some extra z’s.