Location: 10 03.80'S 123 19.16'E

Our morning was spent preparing Argo for a day and a half long passage to Komodo. The crew lowered the sail, secured the lines, and did engine room checks. Everybody worked hard to go ashore. As I walked around assigning and doing jobs. I didn’t see one person sitting around; everyone was really motivated. Thanks to the crew, we were able to wrap up all the jobs in no more than half an hour.

But the day really didn’t begin until 9:30 when everybody got to go ashore. We used the day to check out shops, get something to eat, and have fun. A group of people decided to head outside of town on a guided tour of the cave Goa Cristal which means Crystal cave in Indonesian. The cave even had some water, and they got to go swimming. Some people decided to see what the city of Kupang had to offer. From 9:30 to 1:00, We were able to peruse the streets of Kupang and go anywhere we pleased. A lot of us chose to get snacks and souvenirs. I know for a fact everybody got ice cream. I am very glad I got the opportunity to visit this city.

After we got back on Argo, there were SCUBA classes and tours of the engine room for boat checks. All this dive preparation has us very excited for the dives we will be doing soon. This shore excursion was the first of many to come.