Location: 9 11.54'S 120 44.00'E

Watch team one started the day early at 8:00 am while the rest of the crew was fast asleep. Everyone else woke up around 11:00 for an amazing lunch of chili prepared by our chefs of the day. After cleaning up lunch, we had a Marine Biology lecture with Lindsay. We learned about the breakdown of animals within an ecosystem, relationships between different species, and types of predation. All of the Open Water students took the first quizzes of their scuba course. Our menus for the next part of our trip were also due today. Here on Argo, we have a job wheel, and each person has a different job each day. One of those jobs is the head chef. So each person will be the head chef at some point during the trip. Their job is to prepare food for the entire crew. We submit our menus early so the staff knows what to get when they go provisioning. It turns out, grocery shopping for the Indian Ocean crossing on a small island is difficult, and you need to plan ahead! Our first leadership papers are due in two days, so everyone plans to work on them tonight. We should make it to Komodo sometime early in the morning tomorrow, and we cannot wait to go swimming for the first time on the trip. We’re all having such an incredible time!