Location: Sebayor Kecil

Early this morning, Watch Team One helped Argo land in Komodo! As the sun was rising, the fog cleared to reveal the much-anticipated mystical home of Komodo Dragons. The crew woke up at 9:30 to get ready for our swim test, which was the first time we got in the water since boarding Argo! The water felt incredible, and everyone was ecstatic to finally be out of the croc-infested waters that were preventing us from swimming. Everyone had a great time swimming, especially our divemasters in training, who had to swim and tread a bit more than the rest of us. While treading, we decided to entertain ourselves by spelling out “Argo” in the water — I have to say we did a pretty good job too :). After lunch and cleanup, the crew worked together to set up some more bits and pieces on Argo, including the big tarp. Now we can all comfortably fit in the shade together! Tina gave us a presentation regarding our plans for Komodo and Gili Air (not an airline but an island), including some quick tips for avoiding a dragon attack (don’t slap a Komodo dragon!). The Open Water students had another class today in order to get ready for their first dive tomorrow! The rest of the afternoon consisted of snorkeling. Everyone was happy to have the opportunity to see some awesome marine life and use their fins, mask, and snorkel. We shared a lot of laughs in the water, highlighted by seeing a lionfish and a blue sea star. Sunscreen was a definite necessity today, and it was easy to tell who forgot to reapply. Aloe, here we come! We worked up quite the appetite for dinner and could not wait to dig in this evening. Dinner was finished off with our squeeze question of the day, “What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?” It was inspiring to hear everyone’s answers and grow closer together as a group. Our night ended with our second Leadership class, for which our autobiographies are due tomorrowlooking forward to an awesome day of diving tomorrow for our Open Water students and many more adventures to come!

<3 Grace
P.S. Mom and Dad, I am very bruised!