Location: Sebayor Kecil, Indonesia

Today we woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, and prepared for the day. Open water divers got to touch the water as divers in training for the first time ever, while divemasters in training (DMTs) assisted the instructors. All other certified divers had a really calmed down, chill day. The day consisted of jumping off of Argo multiple times, snorkeling awesome reefs, catching up on some sleep, and eating some really good food while sunbathing… maybe a little too much of that last activity. The surrounding islands look amazing and volcanic-like. This trip has really surprised me in many ways, including my willingness to participate in any activity I am allowed to. We as an entire ship are starting to become closer and closer, and I can really feel us becoming family, not just crew members. Tomorrow the certified divers will get to explore a bit more of underwater Indonesia after a slightly earlier start, while the DMTs and OW divers will continue their training.