Location: Sebayor Kecil, Indonesia

The morning started for the crew of Argo at 6;30 am. The certified divers were very eager for our first experience of scuba diving in Indonesia. Our Uber scuba boat arrived next to Argo at around 9:00 am for a full day of diving, which included three incredible dive sites. The open water students and Divemasters in training stayed behind on Argo to do confined water dives four and five as well as Open water dive 2. The certified divers had an amazing day diving in Komodo National Park, with a common quote of the day being, “best diving of my life.” We saw plenty of marine life ranging from an abundance of reef fish, white tip reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, and manta rays. Following a full day of diving, we had a dinner of beef satay, and the entire crew talked about what they saw and, for some, the new skills they learned while scuba diving. The Argo crew is exhausted after a full day of diving and looking forward to our 2:30 am wake-up for a Komodo dragon tour.