Location: Male, Maldives

A busy day here on Argo. We are amidst passage prep for our longest passage of the trip, from the Maldives to Indonesia. During passage prep, the skipper of the day is given a clipboard with a very lengthy checklist to prepare our boat for the open ocean. This checklist alone is quite the process, but today we also needed to fuel up and get some last provisioning done. As I type here in the chart, house shipmates are running hither and thither, deflating dinghies and fenders, storing food and fuel, and taking their last swim showers before the long passage. An important part of this next passage is that we will be crossing the equator, and we will all become shellbacks should old King Neptune find us worthy. Many shipmates who were originally anxious about a full 18 days at sea are now excited to get back out to sea. As we prepare for our passage, we would love to give a shout-out to friends and family and give them our love as we set out for more adventures on the open ocean.

Peace, Love, and Fair Winds, Richard