Location: Underway to Borneo

The sun has just set on our first full day underway to Borneo, and the decks are squeaky clean after getting the first dousing of rain these Argonauts have seen since the trip began. The rain lasted less than an hour, but it was exactly what we needed to clear the last traces of land (i.e., dirt) for Argo’s deck. The shipmates have been transitioning into their new watch teams seamlessly (minus the odd bout with seasickness), and it is a treat to have new faces and new stories to hear during long night watches. After a delicious lunch of Gallo Pinto, thanks to Desiree, all the shipmates learned how to salsa in our SLD class (again, thanks to Desiree)! While it came more easily to some and proved more difficult to others, the whole lesson made for laughs, hilarious pictures, and a great learning experience. After the salsa lesson, the students headed down below for a lesson in atmospheric circulation in OCE, and then a select few rolled into their PSCT class for Maritime Law. After a little downtime for those off-watch, we sat down to some shrimp tacos.

All in all, it’s just another great day sailing across the Indian Ocean. As we move farther south, all the shipmates are beginning to anticipate our arrival at the equator, where those who are crossing for the first time will transition from “pollywogs” to “shellbacks.” While we still have as much as a week before we cross, there is excitement buzzing nonetheless. For now, all we can do is trim our sails and run our watches as our traveling island heads south and east.