Location: Nevis / Antigua

This morning we got to sleep in for once. We had some amazing cereal prepared by our lovely chefs of Garrett and Robbie. Then we went underway for our all-day sailing to the island of Antigua. We all chipped in with our knowledge of sailing while Monika was questioning us about what certain lines and ropes meant. We were off in no time sailing with no engines, the old fashioned way. We took turns sailing guided by the weather vane on top of the main sail’s mast. All the while, we were entertained by everyone’s music ever-changing throughout the day from Drew’s country to Tasty’s Vice City playlist. The most eventful thing that happened today was while Robbie and Garrett were on bow watch, and they went underwater up to their necks, and Garrett’s PFD went off. For those who don’t know, a PFD is like a life vest but is not as bulky and much easier to wear when on passage. He then had to wear his inflated PFD for the rest of the day until we can go on land tomorrow in Antigua to get it deflated. Jack also caught two barracuda today off the stern. All in all, it was a good day because there was no seasickness onboard the Ocean Star.