Location: Bequia

Today was a very good day from start to finish. Eating some fresh Nutella pancakes before we started passage prep got everyone in a good mood and ready to go, but before we left, we took our EFR final exam. We left the Tobago Cays to go to Bequia on a day sail that took around 5 hours. The sail was nice and relaxing, and we had a zinc face paint party or war paint, as some say, to keep everyone’s faces from burning. Arriving in Admiralties Bay an hour or so before sunset gave us plenty of time to clean up the boat and get ready to shower. Shower time was extremely fun today because all us students, except chefs who were busy in the galley cooking Falafel, chicken, and Naan, jumped off the cap rail at the same time with a beautiful setting sun for our background. Finally, we put an end to this great day with a lovely dinner.