Location: Tobago Cayes

It has been another b-e-a-U-tiful day here in the Tobago Cays. We woke up and had a delicious breakfast, followed by a second EFR class. Tor and Annemarie taught everyone about secondary care and had each person practice scenarios. Basically, we’re all going to be amazing at saving lives.

After EFR, we all got ready to make our way around the reef to Petit Tabac. Just after we finished raising anchor, Nick was able to get a dolphin fish from the same person who sold him lobsters yesterday. The super girl group hung around and learned how to fillet and clean the fish. It was really cool to see. After Nick was done with all the meat, Annemarie and I continued with an impromptu dissection of the remaining fish. We found lots of cool stuff, including small fish bones inside the mahi’s stomach!

Getting to Petit Tabac was pretty amazing, as it was where an iconic scene from Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. If you haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean, pause reading, watch it, then come back. Seen it? It was awesome. Okay, now the scene where Jack and Elizabeth are stranded on the island was filmed at Petit Tabac! We all got to shore and played around, exploring and trying to find the ‘rum tree.’ I had the theme song stuck in my head the whole time.

Once everyone had their fill of the island, we moved back to our anchor spot off of Petit Bateau. All of us students had to finish our first marine biology essay and successfully did so (if I don’t say so myself). I’m so crazy excited for tonight because we’re going to have our first night snorkel of the program! It should be amazing!