Location: Tobago Cays

Today we stayed anchored off Tobago Cays. One of the more laid back days of our trip so far, Day 27 included a turtle snorkel the warm, perfectly clear water off Petit Bateau, one of the Tobago Cays, during which we all saw green turtles feeding on turtle grass among cushion stars and Razorfish. We followed the snorkel with our first class of Emergency First Responder training, with Tor teaching us about CPR and the proper steps of how to respond to an emergency situation.

In the afternoon, Nick haggled with Romeo, the fisherman, and bought four lobsters and a grouper for the crew to eat on our breaks from swinging from a line tied to the main boom, which was raised out over the side of the boat.Everyone had a great time doing and watching back-flips (and some huge belly-flops), all the while surrounded by one of the most pristine and beautiful places in the Caribbean.The lobster was undoubtedly the freshest and best that the members of the crew had ever eaten, caught this morning, and grilled up on deck by Nick then dipped in butter.

During cleanup, we were surprised by two huge spotted eagle rays swimming around Ocean Star, gently lit by our spreader lights. We are now finishing the day with a viewing of The Pirates of the Caribbean and some popcorn. Fittingly, we were just a few miles away from Petit Tabac, a picturesque sandy island where a scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed. We’re all looking forward to visiting the sandy isle tomorrow and running around the beach like Captain Jack and Elizabeth S.!