Location: En route to Spain

Today was the second full day of our passage to Mahon, Menorca. The morning started with excitement as a fish bit our line shortly after sunrise. It was difficult to pull it in, and after Kiernan fought with the line for several minutes, we realized that we had quite a large tuna at the end of our line, the largest we’ve ever caught on Argo! After a lunch of fresh tuna, we had an oceanography class followed by a nautical science class, then bucket showers on deck before dinner. Throughout the day, the shipmates continued to measure the temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen of the water hourly as part of their oceanography class. The wind picked up in the morning, and we were able to sail all day on a nice broad reach. Though our rocking with the swells is testing the sea legs of the crew, all are happy to be sailing along at nice speed towards Spain.