Location: Little Bay, Montserrat

Our turtle walk on Lovers Beach in Nevis last night was a success; we saw an adult female hawksbill turtle and five hatchlings!! The experience was amazing, and even after arriving back at Ocean Star, we could not wipe the smiles off of our faces. Because of the late-night, wake up this morning at our usual time, 7 AM, was a little difficult for some. However, everyone made it out of bed, and after breakfast, we went straight into a leadership development class to get an early start on our second passage. Excited to go, we set sail as soon as class ended, and we were on our way! The journey had beautiful views as we watched Nevis disappear behind us, and Montserrat got closer and was much smoother than the first voyage. After a long day of sailing, napping, and listening to music, we finally made it to Monserrat. The anchor was quickly set, sails were flaked and covered, and tables and benches were pulled out for dinner. We had pesto pasta with sausage for dinner, followed by a night oceanography lecture, our first quiz, and night ocean showers before getting to bed.