Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today was very busy today. The day started with some tasty breakfast burritos to get us going for MTE (basic seamanship) class on deck. Class ended with a very entertaining knot tying competition with the prize getting to demonstrate how our PFDs work by jumping in the water. Later in the morning, it was off to explore Nevis, either on horseback, bicycle, or sea kayak. Kayaking was a whole lot of fun. We kayaked around a small point onto a beach and had a relaxing lunch, followed by some snorkeling. We saw some fish and some coral, but the most interesting thing by far was a huge lobster. After that, we let ourselves, for the most part, drift back to the rental shop and cooled off at a restaurant right on the beach. A few of us had some ice cream, which was gone very quickly. I can say from experience that passion fruit ice cream is now one of my favorite ice cream flavors. Then, we headed back to Ocean Star for a relaxing afternoon. Dinner was soup and salad, which was delicious after a long day. This evening we are headed back to shore to walk the beaches and look for nesting and hatching sea turtles.