Location: Underway to Maldives

As with every day so far, I woke up with the correct assumption that it would be a good day. While the sun was up, so too were all six sails, along with the majority of the crew. The engine has been off all day, and the lack of the rumble makes the rocking boat seem as serene as it has ever been. We have been making great speed, spending the day between 6 and 8 knots, once getting up to 10 knots for a short time! Today was another full but relaxing day, with our schedule of watches, oceanography and marine biology class for all, and PSCT for Morgan, Hunter, Mark, and Katie, who have decided to take their sail training education to the next level. Dinner was accompanied by yet another beautiful sunset; the Indian Ocean seems to be full of them. Speaking of the Indian Ocean, as soon as we all finish the post-dinner cleanup, we are headed to the saloon for a presentation by Giulia on the Indian Ocean for SLD, and we are all excited to learn more about the waters through which we are sailing. After that, I will be headed to the 8-12 watch with the rest of watch team 3, which consists of myself, Max, Giulia, Mandy, Carolyn, and Annielooking forward to another great night sailing accompanied by bioluminescent waters.