Location: Underway to Maldives

Argo awoke to a specially prepared loaf of pumpkin bread this morning, making a change-up from the usual underway cereal morning meal. Before standing down from their 4-8 am shift, watch team three raised the fisherman and flying jib sails bright and early, allowing Argo to spend all day cruising through the Indian Ocean with all six sails up. It really is a testament to how far everyone has come already in such a short space of time that shipmates are now feeling comfortable in leading the sail raises and strikes whilst not batting an eyelid at the thought of helming a 112ft sailing vessel in the pitch black of 3 am.

A delicious lunch of coconut shrimp soup was waiting for everyone at the daily lunchtime muster. Following lunch, the crew negotiated themselves through their first Marine Biology exam of the semester, prior to a leadership class. As the evening draws to a close and another picturesque sunset brings with it a fantastic pork loin for dinner, the engine remains off, and crew of Argo either take their places on deck for watch or look to catch a few Zzz’s, content with life and another fulfilled day at sea in the Indian.