Location: St. Barth's

There was no better way to start the day than to wake up to the smell of French toast being made in the galley by our head chef Big J – aka Jared. We then continued to get on with our day. We had a lot of people diving at the Gross Ilet dive area. We had one research group who went to test the habituation of Christmas tree worms. This group included Dave, Big J, Max, and Matt. Also included in that group was future Divemaster Laurel. Instead of testing the worms at that moment, she had to practice her Discover scuba diving scenario. Ben and I were the test subjects, and we did our best to mess with her to really get her used to a new diver. Laurel handled us great, and after the practice, we went on a fun dive around and saw a bunch of squids and a pretty big barracuda. Later that day while the town was having their daily “siesta,” we had back to back classes. We first had Oceanography, followed by a sailing class in which we focused on navigation with currents. Both classes were about tides and currents, so they worked well together. After classes, almost all the students and Sullivan followed Kevin’s lead to the local cliff jumping spot. The cliffs were about a 10-minute swim from the local Shell Beach. We all showed up, and it was quite crowded. The crowd was more like an audience for some of us, however. The tallest cliff was about 45 feet, and the regular cliff was about 30 feet. The cliffs were a blast; we stayed there for about an hour. Then after the cliffs, we all headed back to Ocean Star and got ready for our dinner out at Le Select. The restaurant doesn’t look like much, but it is where Jimmy Buffet first sang “Cheese Burgers in Paradise.” Apparently, Jimmy loved the burgers so much; he wrote a song about them. So, of course, all of us got burgers, and the most eaten burger was the Marius Burger. This burger consisted of two patties with cheese and, of course, bacon. It was probably one of the best burgers I have ever had. So I will finish my blog post with you, the readers, thinking of cheeseburgers in paradise. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Hi mom.