Location: St. Barth's

The day started off with French pastries and baguettes for breakfast. Afterwards it was time for our quiz on waves, tides, and currents. We all hurried to start the quiz because today is surfing day and the sooner we finished the longer we could stay on the beach. We began shuttling people over around 9:00. We traveled across the island on narrow roads to this beach. The ground wasn’t very sandy like the beaches I go to at home, they were rocky and covered in sea grass. We found a little area perfect for hanging out and putting up hammocks.We rented a few surf boards and took turns learning to shred from our expert surfing instructor Lawre. Some surfed, some swam waiting for the boards and some were working on tan lines, catching up on Zzz’s or reading books. There were many wipe-outs from most people learning for the first time. Once everyone was thoroughly tired out it was back to the boat for showers, dinner and squeeze as usual.I don’t think the crew has ever been quite this tired at the end of a day.After dinner and cleanup we all toughed it through an interesting documentary on salmon for oceanography, then finally hit the beds for some well-deserved sleep.