Location: Tobago Cays

This morning the crew took quite a bit of rousing to wake up from a deep, deep sleep. We dined on cereal and chunky milk, which Natty is still coping with. After breakfast, we went to communications class. After class, I worked on the telltale, and the rest of the crew ventured on one of the many small islands surrounding us in search of coconuts. Post-lunch, the whole Sea-mester crew piled onto Near Enough, and we all ventured to Petit Tabac (a.k.a. Johnny Depp’s island). It took two attempts to get the anchor set in the right place as the anchorage was a tight one between reefs. We all explored Petit Tabac. Many of us circumnavigated the island at the expense of our feet. Upon pick-up, Exy filled with her first batch of shipmates, then promptly stalled. We watched from the beach as she drifted to shore. Together we got her going again, and everyone returned safely to Near Enough. It was a really good experience for me to be at the helm navigating through coral and anchoring. Once we returned, we ate dinner, and much of the crew went on a night snorkel. All around, it was a good day–many crew members commented on feeling cold this afternoon, a welcome sensation for many. It’s a sad day for me, though, as the girls are departing from Near Enough tonight, but we are excited to return to Ocean Star.