Location: GHP, Peter Island

This morning started off with some applesauce and cereal. After breakfast, we all handed in our final Fish ID logs. We had about an hour to study some more after that, and then we took our Fish ID quizzes. We now know a lot more about Caribbean fishes than we did 75 days ago. After the quiz, we all debriefed and then began studying for the OCB Exam tonight and for the Navigation Master Exam tomorrow. In between, we stopped for lunch, which included some chicken and rice. The rest of the day included, for the most part, either studying or resting. In addition, Jo and Emma continued to do some of their divemaster exercises. Towards the end of the afternoon, most of the shipmates were in hammocks taking in the beautiful afternoon. Dinner concluded with some tasty pizza bagels and pasta. Now off to take our OCB exam. Hopefully, there won’t be anything fishy on it!