Location: Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef

For the second day in a row, the crew aboard S/ V Argo woke up with the sun to begin the passage from Lizard Island to the Great Barrier Reef. I can think of a few better ways to begin a day than with a cool sea breeze and breathtaking views of Lizard Island fading into the horizon. As soon as we were moored above the reef, waves of divers began to explore Cod Hole, the reef known for its abnormal abundance of Potato Groupers formerly mistaken for Cod. Divers returning to the vessel told stories of giant cod, brilliantly colored parrotfish, and bizarre pufferfish. After a filling lunch and spectacular views of waves breaking on the outer reef, the divers working toward their Advanced Diver Certification went on a Drift Dive. Instead of having to fight the ebbing tide, we began the dive a few hundred meters up-current from Argo, then drifted with the current back to the vessel. It was my highlight of the day, and all the divers agreed that it is the most comfortable way to observe the magic of the reef. During the passage back to Lizard Island, spirits were especially high because we were given the news that we would be given a fresh set of sheets. With clean sheets and a busy day behind us, the crew of Argo is retiring to their bunks with images of the reef fresh in their minds. Tomorrow we will retrace the steps of famous explorer James Cook as we hike to the top of Lizard Island, where he surveyed the reef many years ago.