Location: Lizard Island, Australia

Today the Argo crew took a step backward, not physically but historically. After two very full days exploring the ocean floor while diving on the barrier reef, we decided to go the other direction and climb upwards to the top of Lizard Island. After an arduous trek to the summit, we stopped at the same spot that Cook did as he searched for safe passage through the reef. As we rested, we listened to a reading of Cook’s logs as we gazed out across the water. Then it was back down, but not before we signed the log of visitors that made it to the top. After the hike, some of us visited the Marlin Bar at the one resort on the island for a cool refreshing soda, which after 14 days at sea, was much an appreciated and refreshing treat. Then it was back to the boat for passage prep, and we ended the day sailing off into the sunset, ready for the next adventure on Stanley Island.