Location: Civitavecchia/Underway to Sardegna

After a crazy eventful day in Rome, today has been more relaxed and full of great sailing. We started off today with some crazy good pancakes to get us fueled up for our pre-passage preparation. It was at this point that we discovered someone had been placing potatoes on some people’s faces while they were asleep. The potato burglar has yet to be caught. Once we had gotten everything squared away, we then set off for our next destination, Sardegna. After getting a reasonable distance away from the port of Civitavecchia, we used our crazy new knowledge of adequately raising sails to accomplish the task with minimal help from the staff. We then learned how our sails work to make Argo move through the water and our points of sail. After our seamanship class, we had some downtime, something that’s rare on Argo. After enjoying our crazy delicious chicken curry, we’ve all settled in for a full night of watches and sailing.

Pictured: (First Picture) Lex and Peter choppin’ and boppin’ in the galley, (Second Picture) Aric are teaching the great physics behind sails, (Third Picture) A crazy beautiful sunset while underway.

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