Location: Civitavecchia/Rome, Italy

We started the morning with a 6 a.m. wake up to catch the train into Rome! After the hour and a half ride to the city, we split off into our small groups to explore. Some headed to the Vatican (Em, Jake, Tait, Jonas, Natalie, Jackie) while others just walked around to soak in the sights. The Pantheon was breathtaking, with its massive dome structure, statues of Christian saints, and the burial site of Rafael. Claire, Cylas, Peter, Oleg, and I grabbed some pasta for lunch and later indulged in gelato before meeting with the rest of our crew at the Coliseum. We took a tour as a group and snapped plenty of pictures. It was crazy fathoming all of the histories there. For dinner, we headed out in search of more pasta! It was our first sign out the night (meaning us over the age of 18 could enjoy a few adult beverages), and our group had round two of pasta and some red/white sangria. Because of our large group, we had the second floor of the restaurant to ourselves, so we decided even though we werent all together, we would continue with our tradition of the squeeze! The waiter, who didnt speak much English, was very confused about the ten of us holding hands around the table. The waiters who spoke English joked around a lot, giving love advice and blasting American music for us. By the end of the night when we reached the train station we realized several of us had met at the actual train platform instead of the entrance to the station, so there the 17 of us were, hauling it across the train station to catch the train before it departed in three minutes. We made it just in time! Each day our crew grows closer, and I cant wait to see where the next 80ish days take us!

~ Lex

Pictured: Oleg was enjoying the sights of Rome; part of our group doing Squeeze during our dinner out; Lex and James posing; partial group photo in Rome; Ev in the Coliseum.

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