Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

Today was our first day of sailing, and onboard Argo, we don’t start slowly. My day started out stumbling out of bed at midnight as I was woken for my 12-4 am watch shift. The boat was constantly rocking in unpredictable ways as we were grasping onto each other, just trying to get dressed. The truly jaw-dropping moment was when we all came top-side for our watch briefing. We were sailing in 30-knot winds with six-foot waves that consistently made their way over our bow and into our faces; it was like mother nature was dumping buckets on our heads then laughing from afar. The power of the wind and water was truly thrilling and amazing. We took turns on bow watch, doing hourly boat checks, and manning the helm in the rough conditions. Despite dealing with one of the craziest nights of our lives, we were all energized to get the boat clean and head ashore for some well deserved free time in the Port of Rome. We all darted out of the boat for some pizza or gelato or WiFi while laughing at our memories of the night before. The entire crew bonded more today than any previous day of our trip, and our exciting/scary/comical/thrilling overnight voyage to Civitavecchia will be a good memory for months to come.


By the way, we also got new and clean sheets, so super excited that we no longer have to live out of a salt bathed bunk.

Pictured: Ben enjoying our time under sail; part of the group outside a beautiful church in Civitavecchia; sunset over the harbor in Civitavecchia.

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