Location: Elba/Underway to Civitavecchia

Today was one of our busiest days so far! Still anchored in Elba, Italy, once we were all awake and had our breakfast of our favorite baked brie, we broke right off into our different groups. We continued and finished our open water divers confined water skills for the people that were new to diving. You can see Oleg and Jackie getting geared up to begin their diving today. The diving took all day from right after breakfast at 9:00 am to around 4:00 pm. Right in the middle of our day, we had our lunch, in which we had a picture of a couple of the guys eating. Following lunch, we had our regular every meal, everyday cleanup, also pictured. For the people that are already certified, they used today to just relax on Argo, catch up on some homework, or catch up on some much-needed rest. As soon as the divers came back, we started to get the boat ready to be underway to Civitavecchia. We got Argo all wrapped up speedy fast, and we were able to pull the anchor up by 5:30 pm. Dinner was a creole sausage stew, which was delicious comfort food for the chilly divers. Tonight has been our windiest and roughest day since we have arrived on Argo! An exciting part of today, if not the most exciting, was that we were able to raise the sails for the first time. Having the sails up made this trip feel the most real it has been so far. We are all anxious to learn more about raising the sails, continuing diving, and arriving in Civitavecchia tomorrow!

Pictured: (First picture) Oleg and Jackie, (second picture) Aric, Cole, Matt, Jonas, CJ, (third picture) Elias, Amy, Sydney, Wiggy.