Location: Elba, Italy

Today was a big day for multiple reasons; we had a ton of scuba certification to get through, and for the first time for many, they had to learn to properly use scuba gear in the water. The morning started with some amazing eggs and bacon, and a beautiful sunrise, soon after we split into our scuba groups to learn about dive tables while some went to the shoreline to learn scuba diving basics. During scuba diving, we practiced using the regulator and saw quite a few small Double-banded Bream fish. After a delicious lunch (tomato soup and grilled cheese), we continued testing on dive tables, and more groups participated in scuba diving. Finally, after all, the groups came back. We all feasted on an extravagant and glorious BBQ chicken with some quintessential brown-sugar baked beans made by Chef Cole Katz. Quite a few people needed to help unload scuba gear, and a small team was needed to help brush out some knots in Emmalees hair, featured in the photo. The other photos show Lexy, Matt, and Aric at the beach during free time for certified divers, and Jackie enjoying the sunshine and view on the deck. Overall, today was an excellent day filled with a multitude of new experiences for everyone, and the Port of Elba is quite stunning.
-Andrew Thorpe

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