Location: Elba, Italy

After a peaceful night sail that included a fantastic view of the stars and a beautiful sunrise, we arrived in Elba around 11:00 am. Once anchored, the crew prepared for lunch and a day full of scuba lessons. Some students spent time pulling out scuba gear onto the deck and setting it up, while others caught up on homework. Afterward, students who will be receiving their Open Water diving certifications hit the books and watched videos during their first lesson to prepare for their first scuba dive training tomorrow. Students earning their advanced, rescue and divemaster certifications snorkeled along the coast of Elba in an attempt to find cool marine animals and the perfect spot for tomorrow’s dive location. Settling into the evening, the crew enjoyed mashed potatoes, pork chops, and veggies for dinner. Yum! And as I am writing this blog, the crew is cleaning up Argo and preparing for their scuba diving quizzes tonight. We are all looking forward to getting out of the classroom and going on our first scuba dive tomorrow. Depicted in these images are the early morning sunrise we saw while sailing into Elba, the crew eating dinner together in the cockpit, our sunset views for tonight; and Natalie, Jackie, Sydney, Cylas, Lexy and Oleg posing for a picture at the bow.

Love, Emmalee

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