Location: Portovenere/Cinque Terra

Having to wake up at 5:30 was hard. Truly! But, watching everyone get on deck, getting the two dinghies ready for launch was a great sight. Our day went from the decks of the ship to the mountains of Cinque Terre. Getting to the mountains was also a struggle. A 28 person group was hard to keep track of, but Amy, seen happily explaining train routes to students, was captured in the photo above, and she, Smash, Amanda, and Dan helped get us where we were going. The large group took a break at Levanto for pizza and scarce bathrooms. I swear, no one has a bathroom except two restaurants per town. And off onto our hike, estimated to be 5 miles. But it was not easy. Nearly 45 degree climbs to heights of about 120 stories, with about the steepest set of steps you’ll ever take. But man, were the views gorgeous! The first picture shows our destination way below from perched on top of the mountain. The streets of Levanto are shown in the second picture. Third, you can gaze upon Matt’s back. Many hikers got very hot and needed some airing out. But behind Matt, you can see a covered part of the trail, toward the beginning of the hike. The last picture, the back of Ben’s head and Dana can be spotted walking through a natural tree cave. Some of us lost our breath and got very hot, but ALL of us had a great time exploring! After arriving back on Argo at the end of the day, we had a tasty dinner and got underway to our next destination, Elba!

From me to you with love and sunshine,
Oleg Kamen