Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Well, here we are, my last blog of the trip. We’ve had many ups and downs, side to sides, some rolling around perpendicular to some waves, we’ve seen it all, haven’t we, but all good things must come to an end, oh wait, I’ll be here in the summertime, forget that last sentence. Anyway, today was another sunny day aboard OS. The day began with some breakfast treats of fresh fruit, granola, and cereal or “Ceral” if you’re Skye. After this meal, the shipmates retreated below for leadership class, where they did some self-reflection. I’ve never sat in on the class, but by the sounds of it, I imagine it involves a giant mirror and everyone staring aimlessly at it. I may be wrong, though. The end of class was interrupted by what can only be stated as an Oscar-Worthy performance by Margaret. Who informed the rescue divers that Alex had gone missing, I jumped into action to document the entire thing through photos and live streaming on FB (I didn’t really live stream), but I wanted to capture the mood of an unhelpful bystander as best as I could, anyway after maybe 15 minutes or so, Alex was returned to the boat and revived.

Lunch was the next part of the day, and it was a Chickpea Salad and just like my Nan used to say, “you can uproot a tree from the ground, but don’t you dare try to stare down a sheep” I never really knew what that meant, but I assume it was related to how tasty chickpea salads are. After lunch, the crew went out to practice some racing techniques for the upcoming race week. Once we left the harbor entrance, we sailed for a bit before gybing, then we tacked, and tacked again and then tacked and then tacked again and tacked once more before tacking, and yup, you guessed it, we tacked for a final time. It was far more exciting out there for us bu than for you reading, but you can see in the pictures the track we did. I suggest getting in the bath, closing your eyes, and sloshing around for a couple of hours, and you’ll get the rough idea.

After we were done practice racing, we returned to our anchor spot, where we had a delicious dinner of Spaghetti Bolognese before letting the shipmates lose on the regatta welcome party where many of the crew from various boats will attend.

And as it’s my last blog, I will leave you with some thoughts…How far back in time do you have to go before it’s considered archaeology and not grave robbing. Being told to go to bed and you’ll feel better in the morning is the human equivalent of turning something off and then on again. “Do not touch” would probably be a very unsettling thing to read in braille. It’s a good thing, Honey. I shrunk the kids wasn’t based in Australia, it would’ve been a short film, and finally, my dogs back home understand many human words, but I understand no dog barks.

Thank you for reading my blogs. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed Alex chasing me around the boat to get me to write them.

Caption 1 – Always time for a selfie, even in an emergency
Caption 2 – Kyle helping Matt put on his shoes
Caption 3 – Hauling out a rare Antiguan Seal
Caption 4 – The Antiguan Seal laid bare for all to see
Caption 5 – Why you were told as a kid to color inside the lines