Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Today was April 16, a day that will live in infamy– the day of reckoning. Alex’s class not only had research papers and presentations due but a quiz after dinner. We also had to do our Navmaster exams to top it all off. The anticipation of this day was the primary stressor for most of the students aboard. With this in mind, students meekly approached the English muffins Matt and Tina prepared for breakfast.

Immediately after breakfast, Margaret, Kyle, Tessa and I took our Navmaster exams. Although I prefer google maps or Waze, I didn’t feel too bad about the exam. All in all, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. The four of us fine-tuned our projects at the bow, Kylie, Skye, Claire, and Miranda were taking their Navmaster exams. (Dan, Mari, and Matt were on shore during this time, scheduled for their exams later in the day).
Eventually when everyone got their exams done and were now free to walk the shores where this all began. Walking the same streets as I once did on my first day put me in this odd “the end is nigh” mental state. We’re really in Antigua, and we have ten days left together.

In a more upbeat note, most of the crew bought their lunch ashore. Food coupled with my close friends made the mundane experience of studying and paper-crafting an enjoyable one. Upon returning to the boat at 5:00, we had more work time and the day came to a close with sausage and eggs– Fitting?