Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today was a packed-in and a very productive day! After those in PSCT finished their oral maritime law exam, we docked at the Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth Harbour. The sight is absolutely incredible! We are surrounded by mega yachts, including The Maltese Falcon, and Panerai flags are flying everywhere. After docking, we spit-shined the boat and polished everything as part of our huge boat appreciation in preparation for racing tomorrow! We also focused on the galley, the salon, and our cabins. Lander made a great quesadilla lunch, and we continued cleaning and polishing. At around 16:30, Jim Stoll came by to check out his pride and joy, Argo. We had a delicious Pad Thai dinner with Jim and Jason and celebrated Tommys 22nd birthday with a huge chocolate cake! With all these amazing boats surrounding us, we can’t help getting pumped up to start race week tomorrow!