Location: Underway to Antigua

The obvious answer to the question of A or B is B. It has to be. Our last night’s passage was smooth and uneventful. The wind died to almost nothing, and we were able to motor sail at a comfortable 7kts. We had planned for a 7 am arrival in Falmouth Harbour, and we missed that time by 2 minutes. We had anchor down at 6:58 am, and then the huge Boat Appreciation day began. The hull was waxed and the brightwork polished, and a last coat of varnish went on. We now look like yachties. Most of our day was spent with chamoises and wax, and Argo looks magnificent because of it. We will fit in well at the ball tomorrow. Tonight is our closing program evening, where we take time to reflect on our experiences and our friendships and take time to honor them. There were many teary eyes, and it was a looooong night. We returned to Falmouth Harbour, from where we began our voyage, having sailed 4540 miles so far. A great accomplishment, to say the least.