Location: Underway to Antigua

Greetings all! Mac here to tell you all about our wonderful day. It began with breakfast, nice and late at 7:30. Well, late for us as the last few breakfasts have been 7:00 or earlier. After breakfast, we broke up into groups: Group Sea Dragons and Group 2. Obviously, I was a part of Group Sea Dragons. The Sea Dragons went diving in the morning while Group 2 stayed aboard and (most) took their PSCT COLREGs exam. The groups switched in the afternoon. We had a split lunch today, which was unique. Group 2 ate at 11, and Group Sea Dragons ate after returning from diving. Yesterday as I’m sure you’ve heard, we climbed Mt. Scenery, the tallest point on Saba. Today we took the opposite route and explored the depths beneath Saba. Our first dive consisted of diving a pinnacle that was offshore from Saba. Essential, it was a mini Saba underwater. We got to explore depths of 100 ft and even got to see a green moral eel feed. After our first dive, we switched tanks and dove at a site called Tent Reef. There was tons of activity there and loads of life to see. At the end, we even saw a sea turtle. We then headed back to home sweet home Argo. We had officially explored all there was of Saba. From the tallest peak to the deepest (well, not really, but you get the idea) depth. Then came the COLREGs. Oh, the COLREGs. For those of you who are unaware, the COLREGs are the rules for collision regulation in the maritime world. It is one of the hardest tests those in PSCT need to take. We have been studying them since the beginning of the trip and are now confident in our ability to handle the open ocean and the rules therein. After the second group, Group 2, returned from diving, we packed up Argo and headed out for Antigua. I am skipper the day that Ben is the head chief, and oh what a feast do we all have for dinner. He always makes BBQ chicken and a whole list of extras, including delicious corn, homemade bread, and potatoes. In addition, we had a delicious dessert: a desert for kings. Were now on our way back to the beginning. Antigua and I have only one final question: A or B?