Location: Saba

Today we had the opportunity to explore one of the coolest islands in the Caribbean, Saba, home to breathtaking hikes and quaint towns, Hells Gate and the ladder, amazing dives, and of course, the Obama shake. Some of us went ashore for shore time, having an interesting time being dropped off in waist-deep water and trudging it to the Beach consisting of baseball-sized rocks. The rest of us stayed on the boat to help spit-shine the ole lady Argo. While the rest of the group hitchhiked around the highest point in the Netherlands, an elite group, specially seaman, swabbed the decks, dove headfirst into the bilge, and did everything in their power to get Argo looking as pristine as possible for race week and beyond. After everyone came back from Saba, we had chineserific dinner of Lo Mein, it was guaranteed. Then came the dreaded OC BOOM BOOM final. After which some of the crew decided to stay up and study for the even more dreaded COLL REGS