Location: Saba

Watch Team Three greeted the sunrise at 6 AM this morning, gazing at the intimidating shape of Saba. The random jutting volcano top floating in the sea fascinated everyone as we came closer. Her looming presence was felt by everyone as they sleepily wandered onto the deck for a pancake breakfast at 7:30. We picked up a mooring ball alongside one of Saba’s sheer cliffs and began tidying the deck. After the sails were flaked, the covers on, and the tarp up, we began our Nav Master exam. This exam is composed of chart work, multiple-choice questions on navigation signals, and tides, and current work. For PSCT students, the exam is supposed to take two hours. Everyone else is given as much time as they need. People began taking the exam at 10 AM, and we had some still working on it at 2 PM. Lunch was sandwiches grabbed between sections of the test, and many collapsed into their bunks after for a quick nap before resuming studying for one of our many finals coming up. Not everyone was being studious; some were inventing new ways to help maintain Argo, like being suspended by their ankles and lowered into the anchor locker to clean. Deck showers and swim time concluded the afternoon, and Ella made a fantastic dinner of white chili. After dinner, we gathered together to listen to Nick and Tommy present their SLD programs, and then PSCT had one more session of Maritime Law Discussion. We go to sleep with our brains tired, our stomachs full, and our dreams inventing adventures about exploring Saba in the morning.