Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The morning after our first night out as a group, the day started off nice and easy with a 7:10 wake-up and ready for a delicious breakfast at 7:30. Followed by our second MTE Class (Basic Seamanship), we Argonauts reviewed the vocab terms we had been using all day yesterday while practicing sailing and learned how to clean the head pump (boat toilets) in case an unfortunate leak occurs while we’re out on passage. Part of being a good seaman is being able to properly fix a leaking pipe. After class, we walked down the waterfront to the Two Oceans Aquarium and saw the amazing creatures of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans, which both converge here in South Africa. It was incredible to think that in just a few short hours, we would be sailing above the natural homes of this mind-boggling marine life. Today was definitely the most relaxed day we’ve had yet here aboard Argo, with the Aquarium being the last thing we had to do until dinner. This gave us all the time to walk around the waterfront and gather any last-minute gear or snacks we would like for our next ten or so days of the passage to the island of St. Helena. Of course, provisions got back at around 16:00 to prepare Argo for this journey, and whoever was on deck at the time helped out with storing and organizing the multitude of shopping carts that came back from the store. After we finish cleaning from dinner, we all will have the opportunity to go take our last shore shower at the marina before that is replaced with the cold, salty seawater of the South Atlantic. Most of us learned about the beauty of “Buffs” today and how much they will save our skin from the searing rays of the South African sun. It’s hard to imagine how, if we’re already this close on day 8, how incredibly close we will be on day 90 or even just when we get to St. Helena and have gone 1700 nautical miles together.